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Fitness / Lifestyle / June 26, 2015

Hey everyone. I have a new website coming and this post is just a placeholder until the streamlined, bad-ass one is ready. Enjoy this picture of me demonstrating “lifestyle modeling” in the meantime. It essentially goes like this: I walk around and bullshit with the photographer and he snaps photos for the agency. Hard work!

So many interesting things happening right now.

Since April I’ve been Iron Man Magazine‘s fitness tech editor. My senior editor is amazing and anyone who has heard me wax poetic on leadership knows that I like (need, demand) to work for good people if I’m not working for myself. So every month there is a tech piece and a superfood/smoothie piece by moi. Read it please. Make the smoothies. Be healthy 80% of the time.

Also, my Travel and Cooking Channel web series is shooting season 2 in August. Yay! Again, I am excited because it’s fun and I love food and drink, but working with Fran has been one of the joys of my life.

Also, I am excited to start generating content for Task and Purpose at a prolific rate while the site expands and the publication grows. This is a new development and I am happy to be their Lifestyle guru and keep my military background in my current work.

Also, I am now on the board of Endure to Cure, a non-profit that supports pediatric cancer patients and research. I will be racing the Chicago Marathon in October in support of the charity and any donations are appreciated. My fundraising page is here.

Also, I’m headed to Dallas next week to spend Independence day with my Navy bestie Stu Beech aka Paul, who hangs out with cool people and is my favorite war hero, shoot and chillax with the incredible soul sister Natalie, and get started with a fellow veteran on a new project that, as of now, I can’t tell you about. What I can tell you is that it’s going to be awesome and bring a lot of good to youngsters and women in need.

Also, I will be on an NPC stage again on Halloween for the NPC Eastern USA Championships. Come watch if you can. Actually, don’t. I like the goal at the end but I think walking around a stage in cake make-up, a sparkly bikini and heels is a bit silly. #realtalk

Also, I’m now a fitness ambassador for Monster. More to follow because I am not quite sure what that means. I do know that I sat down to dinner with the CEO on Tuesday night and he is a remarkable guy. Getting behind products and people that I truly like; yes, please.

Also, my dear friend just wrote an article that you need to read. I’m going to expand the topic in an article for Task and Purpose. As a female rescue swimmer there were all sorts of things that came up (priapism, get it?) and I think I should take a stab at why people should chill out and sack up and shut up.

Also, China in September is still the plan, and between now and then figuring out if I want to home base in NYC or LA.

Also … I’m using the word “also” not only to drive you insane and make you want to stab me in the eye, but also to drive home the fact that I have a lot going on and I am trying to streamline and create a schedule to be as productive as humanly possible, while still crushing steel and making time for freelance bits, wine, banter, friends and family, and of course, dogs.

And speaking of driving, I am now going to grab a clean dress and drive to the greater Boston area for my cousin’s wedding. I’m going stag (as is my baby sister, who let the dogs out?) and it is going to be nothing less than epic, in true Burrill fashion. Hide anything breakable, Massholes!

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on June 26, 2015

Busy busy! Sounds like some awesome and interesting stuff going on! How did you get into editing?

on June 27, 2015

Journalism school! And by honing my skills as a Dow Jones News Fund copyeditor… #DJNF14 for life!

on July 13, 2015

2,072 Followers…not too shabby. Cool blogpost. Congrats on everything. Guess I have some reading and tv watching to catch up on. 🙂

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