Letter from the Editor


I like globetrotting adventures, culinary delights, goal-crushing and luxury hotels.

“Uncharted?” The word resonates on two levels:

  1. At the ripe old age of 22 I started driving a ship around the world and got tossed into Iraq. Those were firsts.
  2. A series of brain injuries changed the trajectory of my life. Those were difficult.

No matter what life throws at you, the ability to throw back even more is what counts. I adapted well to my Uncharted Lifestyle well before I knew its origins. There were some unfortunate issues, but after I got whacked I became more experiential, finding the most joy in activities like sports, travel, cooking and of course, eating. I became more intense and felt most comfortable when being challenged. 

The “Lara Croft meets Betty Crocker” and “Hurricane” monikers are accurate. From my love – and international study – of archaeology to running around in a shorty wetsuit with a gun strapped to my thigh, to all the races, dirt stuck under my fingernails, scarred and bloodied knees and elbows, to my pink aprons, five-course-meal dinner parties, never ending wine tasting and mile-high bubble baths; it’s all me. 

The gravity of the medical ringer I’ve been through, with 15 surgeries and bionic parts as evidence, is beyond digital articulation. I’m like a steel cable, deceptively long, sinuous and ready to carry more weight than appearance suggests. Unbreakable. Being sure of my fortitude allows me to to push myself to new heights.

I’ll motivate you to embrace an adventurous spirit.