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A New Partnership I’m Excited to Announce!

I am paid spokesperson for Ester-C, but, as you know, my opinions are entirely my own.

My friends and family always ask: “Amanda, do you ever sit still?”

Why would I?

With life, comes the opportunity for endless adventure; whether in the form of a new destination visited, a new goal achieved, or a new professional endeavor conquered. And for me, I aim to set my sights high and soak in all the excitement life throws my way.

As an active person – and someone who is always on the go – I’ve come to understand my body and what it needs to tackle any challenge I’m up against. From marathon training to traveling days (sometimes weeks!) on end, I’ve learned the importance of a healthful routine and healthful nourishment. That dedication to a healthy lifestyle starts with, what I call, my core needs. And a part of those core needs is a daily dose of vitamin C with Ester-C.

Ester-C is different than other vitamin C formulas I’ve tried. It maximizes the retention of vitamin C in the body, the traditional tablets are non-acidic and gentle on the stomach, and – when taken at 1000mg tablets or gummies – it can stay in the body for up to 24 hours.

Ultimately, Ester-C provides the immune support I need to conquer any day, which is why I’m excited to announce my partnership with them! I’ll be joining forces with Ester-C to help raise awareness about immune health, and educate people about the importance of having a daily regime that includes vitamin C intake.

If you’re someone like me – who “doesn’t ever sit still” – I highly recommend checking out the Ester-C line of products at They provide the products I need to maintain my healthy lifestyle and C’s the day!

Keep an eye on my blog for more information about the work I’m doing with Ester-C, the better vitamin C.


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